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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that you can browse through. If the question you have is not located here or is not explained in as much detail as desired please feel free to email or call for clarification.


Will it cost me to have someone come and visit/give me a quote?


No. I, Wayne Roorda, will come personally at whatever time is most convenient for you and give you a free no obligation quote.


How do I decide style and type of products I want to use?


I have a catalogue book containing pictures of every type of stone and the colors available. I will leave the book for you to browse through at your own leisure. If you have any questions they can be discussed in person or over the phone anytime. 


Are there references that I can check?


When I, Wayne Roorda, come to visit I bring with me letters of recommendation from previous customers that you can read if desired.


What are payment options like?


A deposit of half the total is due after signing the contract before work is started. The last half is split up as the job progresses, allowing the customer time to see evidence of completion. 


Is your company licensed?


Yes. I hold a Master Buisness License. I am also registered with a GST number.

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